Keeping the importance of physical security for BFSI sector in mind Crux Center for Security Research and Events is organizing BFSI Physical Security Summit. The summit will discuss issues related to the security of Retail Banks, ATMs, Cash Vans and Data Centers.

Networks and computer systems have always gained more importance when Banks have planned their security strategies. However, physical security remains, even today, one of the first links a Bank must look to strengthen “Because that's where the money is.”

Physical security is vital to the security infrastructure of a Bank as it protects not only the information assets but also the most critical assets, the employees. From robberies, to protests, to active shooters, banks must be aware of the various physical threats they face.

Similarly, security of cash in transit and ATMs cannot be ignored. ATMs have been identified by gangs as the weak link in the banks’ operations. as ATM networks have expanded worldwide, so has the sophistication of global crime. The combination of these factors has led to intensified security concerns at the ATM. Combating this issue requires consistent focus and global defense solutions throughout the ATM provider chain.

The expert speaker panel will cover the following topics:

  • Strategy on Protection and Physical Security for Banks and Financial Institutions in India
  • Intelligent video surveillance and incident response solutions to prevent/detect physical crime against: Cash centres & ATMs
  • Biometric Innovation - Cutting Edge Technology for Superior Security in Banking and Financial Institution
  • Blending Management, Manpower and Latest Technology &Tools to Prevent and Detect Physical Crime against Cash Security
  • Secure Safes and Vaults
  • E-Surveillance Solution for Cash-in Transit Vans
  • Intelligent building management for banking and financial services organizations